May 2, 2007

Windowlist screenlet, a nice alternative to Windowlist applet

I have been searching for a nice and useful windowlist/dock for gnome desktop environment in Ubuntu Linux.

I recently started using windowlist screenlet. It works fine, looks nice and makes it possible to get rid of the panel in lower part of my desktop. The main reason for me to have that panel was for hosting the window list applet, pretty much like taskbar in windows.

If you have already installed screenlets, just add windowlist screenlet. There aren't much settings to play with. Just place it on your desktop and enjoy it.


{ K I R A N } said...

Did you try Avant Window Navigator?

it is simply the great

Nick said...

WindowList freezes my machine 100% of the time when you try to modify its "screenlet" options. Moved to Avant Window Navigator becuase of this.