June 15, 2009

Twitter with iPhone

Twitterfon is a simple yet practical and useful application for iPhone users to kill even more time, this time with twitter.

It's available for free in Apple app store, through iTune.

-- Post From My iPhone

June 7, 2009

Posting to blogspot with iPhone

Surprisingly, there is no official iPhone application for posting to blogspot.

But I finally managed to find this very nice and hang application, called blogpres.

It can post to many blog services. It is simple and to the point. I have used it for few days and so far I'm happy with it functionality.

You know where you can find it. Go to app store on iTune and search for blogptess.

-- Post From My iPhone

June 5, 2009

iPhone software update

One of the things that many iPhone users are waiting for these days is iPhone OS 3.

Among many big and small new features, copy and pasting ability is a welcome addition.

It's expected that Apple will unveil a new iPhone with faster processing power.

It might lead to a whole bunch of new software designed for added power. Then old iPhone/iTouch users will be dissapointed.

I hope wireless service provider (Rogers in Canada) offer inexpensive hardware upgrade options.

-- Post From My iPhone

One year passed...

It's been more than a year I have switched to a Mac. It's been really a pleasure to use OS X.

It's partly because it is a well designed operating system. MS Windows plays a role here though. It sets the bar so low.

I used Ubuntu Linux for a while and it was an amazine piece of code. I enjoyed struggling with it to tweak every single part of it. But something was forgotten. I needed some time to get my works done by the operating system.

Sine I started using Mac OS X, most of my time has been dedicated to my works not fixing the system, in case of Windows, or tweaking it, in case Linux.

There are many things need to be improved in Mac OS.

I would rather wait for the upcoming Snow Leopard, OS X 10.6, and then discussing shortcomings of this lovely operating system.

-- Post From My iPhone