September 10, 2007

How to install compiz fusion [updated]

This is an update to my previous guide on installing compiz fusion in Ubuntu. I have used a new repository in this new guide. The following steps are those which worked for me. I have installed compiz fusion in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn 64 bit edition and it should work in 32 bit edition as well.

1. Go to Synaptic and remove compiz (and preferably anything with compiz in its name!).

2. Again in Synaptic, remove all compiz related repositories that you might have added before. If you have not installed compiz yourself (and/or you have a fresh installation of Ubuntu) forget about this step.

3. Add this line to your repositories in Synaptic:

deb feisty main

and then reload (there is a button on synaptic for reloading package information).

4. In Synaptic, Install these packages:

compiz, compizconfig-settings-manager, sexy-python, emerald, emerald-themes

To be accurate, only the first package is absolutely essential for running compiz fusion. Compiz Settings Manager makes your life a lot easier in configuring compiz fusion. Emerald is not a necessary package. It basically handles windows decoration (like window frame, buttons, shadow ...). But I personally like it very much and in fact I missed it a lot from beryl era.

5. Now, it is time to run compiz fusion. But my personal experience was that plugins would work best if you reboot your system before actually getting to run compiz for the first time. To run compiz fusion, in terminal type:

compiz --replace &

and if you like to take advantage of emerald, type:

emerald --replace &

I am particularly fascinated by shift switcher plugin in this compiz. It is more like cover flip effect in new Mac interface (used in new iTune, iPhone, iPod Touch, OS X Leopard). It is not active by default and you should activate it through Compizconfig Settings Manager.

It is worth mentioning that Expose effect is called Scale here.
One last thing to remember is that due to some bugs, your system update will keep notifying you that compiz-core needs updating. The fact is that it does not! Use your imagination to find a workaround.

I would also like to suggest that you read these two posts on installing a Mac OS X like dock (Avant Window Navigator):
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Just remember that in the latest version of Avant Window Navigator, you don't need to change settings manually to get 3D effects. It is all in its preferences now.