July 16, 2007

Avant Window Navigator + reflection (step by step installation guide)

I had a post here as to how to install Avant Window Navigator.
You might have noticed that reflection is the new hot topic in user interface everywhere. And we have it here in Avant Window Navigator (AWN).

The effect I am discussing here, makes AWN very similar to the effect seen in upcoming OS X 10.5 (Leopard). So you have a chance to experience this cute visual effect in your lovely Linux environment!

If you have not installed AWN by now, follow the instructions in this post.
Then open Configuration Editor and go here:


You should change a couple of settings here.

Change bar_angle to 45
and icon_offset to 18

Now restart AWN and you have it. Enjoy!


Joakim said...

Thanks for this, been looking around where I could get the reflection on AWM!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for being a n00b, but can you give a step by step, as in where to actually go, cause I cant seem to find "Configuration Editor" or aps>avant-window-navigator>bar

"Knows how" said...

Unfortunately, "configuration editor" is not in the main menu by default. So you need to add it first. In the main menu, there should be something like "add/remove". Go there and find and add "configuration editor". When finished, you can follow the rest easily, I suppose.

Wes said...

OK still not sure exactly how to get the configuration editor into the applications menu. But I did get the terminal command for it


hopefully helps someone else with the same issue =D

Anonymous said...

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