July 9, 2007

Rotate desktop cube with mouse scroll in Compiz Fusion

This is a particularly useful feature that has been around in Beryl. But Compiz users have not enjoyed this plugin until now. If you have installed Compiz Fusion (a merger project of Beryl and Compiz), you can activate this plugin.

Run compizconfig setting manager from the preferences menu.
Find and activate Viewport mouse switch. That's it! Now if you place your mouse pointer over any empty place on desktop and use scroll button, desktop starts scrolling.


Naam said...

That's a really nice setting. I like the way that it flips if you just scroll the wheel or zooms out to the cube if you hold the middle mouse button down.

With that and the expo plugin on my bottom-right screen edge, navigating my busy desktop is getting easier.

Off topic: I don't know what graphics card you are on but powertop shows an extra interrupt for me with DRI switched on for compiz, so I switched it off for 1/2 day and really missed it. Compiz has advanced so much that going back to metacity is a strain.

Jonathan said...


I really missed that when I upgraded to Compiz-Fusion, in fact, it's a key feature, kinda like the steering wheel in my car.

/Came up as top hit on a google search

Anonymous said...


I changed to Compiz from Beryl and i didn't know how use the mouse like Beryl. Thanks again :)

Mike said...


I was using Beryl on Ubuntu Feisty and switched now with the Ubuntu Gutsy alpha versions to Compiz Fusion. Unfortunately, now I'm missing my favourite feature. :-(

*Is it possible to rotate the desktop cube by using the scroll wheel when the mouse pointer is closer than 5 pixels to the screen edge?*

That was _sooo_ quick & easy !

And yes, the “viewport mouse switch” plugin works, but only if the mouse pointer is over an empty place on the desktop, and usually I work with maximized windows.

I hope there is/will be soon a solution... ;-)

Nicholas said...

This is off-topic but where can I find the wallpaper in the screenshot?

"Knows how" said...

Here is the wallpaper:


Anonymous said...

Any way to make this work with different mouse buttons? I have button-6 (the unused button by my thumb) set to rotate desktop cube - it works around the maximized windows problem cleanly. I'm so used to it that it's pretty much kept me stuck to Beryl.

Anonymous said...

id also like to change the mouse settings.... anyone know how?