May 8, 2007

Stop your Firefox window being resized by websites

There are some nasty websites out there that resize your Firefox (or browser) window as you visit them. It is annoying and irritating.

Is there a cure for this? Yes! We can pray that they stop doing this. In the meantime we can tell our Firefox not to obey this request from websites.

In Firefox, go to Preferences then click on Content tab. Find "Enable Javaascript". It should be checked by default. There is an "Advanced..." button on the right. Go there, and disable "Move or resize existing windows".

That, does the trick. Problem solved!


foruhar said...

your firefox theme is gorgeous

"Knows how" said...

You know what? I have not installed any Firefox theme. What you see is the the theme that gnome uses for all applications. And yes! I like it too!

tychus findlay said...

wow so easy hack... thx.