May 6, 2007

Best laptop computer ever

My laptop computer is more than 4 years old. I have never liked it that much, though I have been using it days and nights, in highs and lows.
I assume there is no need to say it is running Windows XP, or is it?

Not anymore! Ubuntu Linux is the new operating system on this laptop and I have started to see it in the new light. It is an old piece of hardware by today's standards. Pentium 4 1.8, 512 Mb memory and an integrated video chip are not exactly what you call a good platform to have these days.

However, this old buddy received that reviving dose of adrenaline by hosting Ubuntu Linux. Now it works smoothly and pleasantly. My desktop looks just pleasant and above all, I experience the stability like never before.


foruhar said...

:) this should have been your first post!

"Knows how" said...

lol! yes! But I wanted to show you why I say so!

foruhar said...

hey if I were you I'd add 7.04 or feisty as labels on all posts