June 14, 2008

OS X experience

I just received my Macbook. It is my first real experience with this operating system and I should admit that I feel that working with windows has been a waste of time! Not that I didn't know that. That was the reason that I switched to Linux as the main operating system for a while.

I don't want to give a lecture on pros and cons of Mac OS X as there are countless reviews and articles everywhere. Instead I may address the issues that happen when you switch from Windows to Mac OS X.

For now I can think of these big challenges ahead:

-choosing an office suite (iWork/MS Office/OpenOffice)
-migrating mail and addresses
-choosing a good virtual machine to run Windows (VMWare Fusion/Parallels Desktop)


BLoom1s said...

I use usually Vista, Linux and OSX. The version of OpenOffice for mac its not good implemented, iWork its impresive, the best of three options, but it have som compatibility problems with MSOffice yet. For Work MsOffice, for you iWork.

In mac Paralles its the best option for virtual machines.

And if you have some problem with the migration of mails, use Thunderbird how mid step.

In my case, I love the three OS and hate the same. :S

Anonymous said...

Hey just came across your blog. I'm also planning on getting a MacBook soon. I use Ubuntu 8.04/Vista primarily and would like to try out a Mac. How is your experience with a MacBook?

"Knows how" said...

I have enjoyed using Macbook for last few months.

I should have switched earlier!

Anonymous said...

The new MacBook just came out with a price increase! Now I want the new one so bad.

Harry said...

OS X is great, i'm now using XP, OS X and Linux.

i love mac, especially the hardware! they're the best!

I'd like to increase the resolution of the macbook aluminum, it seems that the screen is too small =) im usign 13"