June 2, 2008

Next stop, OS X

I am going to buy a Mac, at last. I knew it was coming. I just tried to deny it and somewhere down in my heart I was hoping someone convince me to convert to OS X and buy get a Mac. well, it happened and I am going to buy a Macbook (maybe Pro or Air or just a simple macbook).

As I continue using Vista on my desktop, there should be some interesting compatibility and connectivity issues. If I find them interesting enough to address, I will write about them here.


Danny said...

What was the deciding factor on acquiring an OS X machine?

Excellent photo work!! Freakin excellent.

"Knows how" said...

Deciding factor(s)? Well, one thing for sure is that I don't like Windows very much and I find OS X very attractive and clean. I believe in Linux too. Considering that OS X has some roots in Linux, it is not very hard to switch to a Mac.

And finally, many people in my new workplace have Macs so compatibility would not be an issue.

zedd said...

i just recently have my first mac or shall i say second mac after a i had a apple 11e during the 80's

im happy with my first mac, still learning with the geek commands in mac, and just recently, i just installed a linux in my spare desktop and it seems that i like it... but still i am using my windows xp as for my home desktop.