April 25, 2007

Where is compiz manager?

You have installed Ubuntu 7.04 and you have activated "desktop effects" and now you have drop shadows under windows and menus and a rotating desktop cube. After a couple of hours you will start looking for somewhere to fine tune compiz. Compiz is what makes all these desktop effects possible.
In fact, there is a compiz manager. It is just not installed but no worries. Start synaptic, find and install:


Now in terminal type:


and the setting manager for compiz fires up.
But you don't need to type this command every time. There is tiny application that reside in the panel and from where you can fire compiz manager in no time.
This application is called: compiz-tray-icon.
It is better to have it among startup applications so whenever Ubuntu starts up this application will be up and running. To do this, go to control centre, click on sessions and add


to "startup programs" tab.


foruhar said...

The screen-shots make the blog more attractive. But I don't think its the best idea that only ppl with google accounts should be able to comment. Cheers! :D

"Knows how" said...

Fixed! Now all readers can comment.

foruhar said...

Something else you might want to consider, I don't know how it works but apperently u can embed balatarin links in each post, I've seen it in Nikahang Kowsars blog. Though I don't know if it needs to be done manually for each post or what...


"Knows how" said...

I will definitely consider it.

Anonymous said...

it is also under:
system>preferences>gl desktop
after you installed it of course :)

Anonymous said...

gnome-compiz-manager is not in the package manager of Ubuntu