April 26, 2007

A nice desktop analogue clock

There is a nice looking analogue desktop clock, but again, it is not pre-installed in Ubuntu Linux. This time instead of using Synaptic we opt for command line in terminal. Synaptic is no different from this command. It is just a graphic shell.
In terminal type:

sudo apt-get install cairo-clock

When it is installed, you may add it to startup programs in sessions or run it whenever you want from terminal. In terminal type:

cairo-clock &

"&" tells Linux that even if you close terminal, cairo-clock will continue running.


foruhar said...

kewl :)

foruhar said...

still let me know when you :) figure how to simulate an osx dashboard

foruhar said...

the smiley obviously isn't supposed to go in the middle. I understand that our hands can sometimes brush against the touch-pad, but I can't take the weird things that happen as a result as anything other than definite proof of existence of Jinns or Laptop-elves or some other mischievous unseen creature.

boonder said...

btw is there a waay to fix its position, everytime I restart its on the left hand corner or in the middle

"Knows how" said...

Yes! there is! In terminal type: cairo-clock --help

There are some options in command line to tell the clock where to start.

Brad said...

I tried "cairo-clock --help", it says "-x, --xposition x" but I can't figure out the right syntax. I tried -x 100 and -x, 100 and -x, --100 none seem to work. could someone give my the proper method, I am using 100 as an arbitrary test number.


FrozenJim said...

delete your .cairo-clockrc file. I find that it helps when settings don't stick. don't set it manually; run it, drag and drop, use the "config" option when you righ-click on it and the settings all get saved automagically.

Doing it manually just doesn't work for me.

delete .cairo-clockrc and it'll work.

FrozenJim said...

Delete your .cairo-clockrc file.

Then drag and drop, config from right-click.

Automagic settings work best with this clock. Doing it manually just doesnt' work.

Paul said...

The Correct syntax for Cairo clock is as follows:

cairo-clock --width 200 --height 200 --xposition 1200 --yposition 600 --seconds --date --taskbar