October 19, 2007

First experience with Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon): Disasterous!

I have been impatiently waiting for the release of Ubuntu 7.10, Gutsy Gibbon.

I finally managed to download the DVD iso image, burnt it into a DVD and just waited for the right moment. Late in the night, I grabbed my coffee, dimmed the lights, and fired up my computer with the DVD. For me, the most exciting aspect of Ubuntu is its visual appeal. Very recently, with the introdoction of Compiz Fusion, this appeal just become something hot.

When the computer was starting up with the live DVD, something badly went wrong. The right graphic driver could not be found and instead I was forced to opt for basic one. It had never happened to me with any version of Ubuntu and with my current hardware configuration. My graphic card is an integrated Intel GMA 965, X3000. It has been serving Ubuntu 7.04, Feisty Fawn without any problem.

I was hopping that with the installation of Gutsy Gibbon to the hard drive, it will resolve the problem. I was so wrong.

When installation finished and system restarted, I was shocked to see a resolution of no more than 800x600 on a wide screen monitor with native resolution of 1440x900.
I played with different settings. after a while I managed to get the resolution right. but to my surprise, visual effects (Compiz) could not be started, a sign of wrong graphic driver.

Finally, I gave up with a bitter sense of disappointment. I may find a solution here and there. I will definitely give it a try. But I will never forget that Gutsy Gibbon was not what it meant to be in the first try. Feisty Fwan! I have so missed you!

When I edited menu.lst, to set Windows Vista as default operating system again, and restarted back to Vista, for the first time, I felt happy going back to Windows.

[Update: it is known that Intel 965 graphic chipset is in compiz blacklist. You can force compiz to skip checking and everything goes back to normal.

to do so, in terminal make sure you are in your home directory then type:

sudo gedit .config/compiz/compiz-manager

and add this line:


now try compiz again.]


Anonymous said...

Dude just use the i810 driver and your problems are over.

Daengbo said...

Did you try using the Screens and Graphics dialog in System -> Administration? Choose your driver under the Graphics tab. You can choose your driver by video chip or by driver (choose i810 or intel).

Good luck with 7.10. Intel graphics work well on it.

"Knows how" said...

I tried i810, no luck! Max resolution was limited with i810.

"Knows how" said...

I am sure I will find a way to make it up and running. I am just disappointed with the first experience when compared to previouse releases.

Andrew said...

http://www.google.com/search?q=ubuntu+Intel+GMA+965+X3000 gives a few good forum posts that talk about similar problems.

I'm not sure what the problem is, but have you tried searching Launchpad for any open bugs? If there aren't any there, I'm sure they'd love to have one reported.

Let me know if you need any help. I'd be happy to!


Brad C. said...

Interestingly for me this is the first release of Ubuntu that has worked on my laptop without any tweaking. I also have an Intel integrated graphics chip but don't remember which one off the top of my head (not sitting at laptop now).

Started up and was greeted with 1280x800 resolution without the need to apply some hacks.

On top of that Compiz was enabled and is working flawlessly so far. I am glad to see that they made some sensible choices for the default Compiz config.

Anonymous said...

Hi!, sorry to hear of your troubles. Maybe I can be of some help. I also have the i965/X3100 chipset in my Dell inspiron 1420n and I have everything working wonderfully over here. First, I don't know why gutsy didn't configure your video card correctly to begin with, as it configured my just fine. Open up the "Screens and Graphics" application. Make sure your monitor is correctly choosen (ex. Generic LCD 1440x900) and that the "Wide Screen" checkbox is checked. Now, for your default video card, select the "intel" module. You can't use the i810 module with this card and get Compiz-Fusion running. The i810 has just very basic support for this paticular chipset. Next, select "vesa" for your backup module. Accept the settings and reboot. Hopefully, you will then be presented with your correct resolution. To get compiz running there is a little trick you must do. Go to this compiz wiki page --> http://wiki.compiz-fusion.org/Hardware/Blacklist <-- You will see that the 965 card is blacklisted. This is because of problems with using XV video output. Floow the irections on the page to force compiz to skip checking if your card is a blacklisted one. If the skip check works for you, then you can permently force it to skips check by typing this at the terminal " echo SKIP_CHECKS=yes > .config/compiz/compiz-manager". Now, compiz will start upon log-in :). Hope this helps. Take care.

"Knows how" said...

Thank you for the help. I had to re-install Ubuntu. This time it recognized my graphic card. Then I had to use that "SKIP_CHECKS" option to get compiz up and running.

Praveen M said...


I have the same hardware+19" LCD
with the same resolution.

I have upgraded from 7.04 to 7.10. however, Intel 965 is not working!!! and i cannot use compiz-fusion.

let me know any work around.. or pointer.. to article or url...