August 25, 2007

What is wrong with Flip 3D and Control Panel in Windows Vista?

Some users in Microsoft Windows Vista have a strange problem. Here is what it looks like:

Flip 3D does not work, i.e. when you try flip through windows a simple effect of task switching comes up. It doesn't mean that Aero is off. There are shadows under windows and glass effect in place.

At the same time running control panel is impossible. Control panel window appears for a very very short time (as an empty window) and disappears instantly. None of the components of control panel are operational. For example you cannot even change your background wallpaper.
The confusing part is that it does not happen every time the system boots up.

I googled the problem but found few things as to what the reason could be. It is suggested that a driver, or software that you have installed might be the problem. But believe me, you cannot find out which one is to blame.

Of course you can start uninstalling all your software one by one to see which one causes this problem but if you have been long enough with windows, you know that even uninstalling a software doesn't mean that all the dlls and junks are off the table.

The temporary work around that I have found to be useful is to restart a service called: "Software Licensing".

To do so, right click on Computer, select "manage". Then fins "Services" and from there find and restart "Software Licensing".

Update: After the latest updates for Vista in October 2007, this problem is resolved.


Anonymous said...

I have been playing around with a couple of motherboard lately:

1 x EVGA680i (nForce 680i)


1 x Asus P5K Deluxe (Intel P35)

With the same exact peripherals installed the P5K is simply awful at exposing this bug(?), the first day or two it was fine but suddenly it's pretty much every other reboot. I have tried everything to no avail.

The EVGA on the other hand is doesn't suffer.

foruhar said...

tried a BIOS update?